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I am the shop owner of Rosy's Garden on Storenvy and rosy61987 on eBay . Only authentic Amuse goodies ~ including adorable Arpakassos looking for new homes
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Because there are more different kinds of pokke, so i am doing another post… sorry if i disturbed anyone.

As most of you know my friend is trying to clear out her stock. I have been helping her to get rid of Flans and Pokke Big plush XD (They are very long! 70cm to 90cm depending of the ears, obviously flan rabbits are the longest because of the long ears XD)

I am getting alot of mails at the moment asking for each kind :D I think it might be easier if i have the numbers in the post for each kind, some are sold out already so if you dont see the kind you want with numbers, then it is sold out.

ALL $25 each

Shipping is $11 for the first plush and $15 for shipping 2. This applies to anywhere in the world. Ship with hong kong air register post includes a tracking number

Flan Travel series

Black UK - 2

White Japan - 2

USA - 2

White, red and blue stripe - 1


Hot pink bear with an apple on its chest - 2

Stripe pattern bear yellow and pink with a pear on its chest - 2

Red Polka dot money with bananas on tis chest - 4

Please message me if you are interested, these are first come first serve preferred. Thank you

-=-=-=-= update on the 13th of June

The black UK Flan travel series big plush is actually a bunny, not a bear

black UK flan bear only exist in smaller sizes… and the big plush size is a bunny, sorry i have been mislead by the promo poster and thank you for taking notice of this.